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Why choose Green Co Professional Surgeons for your Site Clearance

Green Co Tree Surgeons carry out Commercial site clearances and Domestic garden clearances to businesses and individuals. Our teams aim to mechanise the operation where possible, and where access allows. Having most of the equipment we need to hand means we are one step ahead of our competitors not only in productivity but also in price.

Site Clearance

In addition to chainsaws, wood chippers, and stump grinders, our equipment inventory also includes timber cranes, trailers, tractors, loaders, and mulchers. Utilising heavy machinery wherever possible speeds up the whole site clearance process, meaning we are able to complete the job in a fraction of the time.

Having the ability to remove all arisings efficiently in bulk to our recycling depot helps minimise our environmental impact by making fewer trips. This is all reflected in our price to our customers.

Garden Clearance

In addition to larger site clearances, we are also happy to undertake residential garden clearance work. Our typical clients include local councils, estate agents, and of course private individuals looking for a garden makeover. Some of our equipment, such as pedestrian stump grinders, are able to access most residential gateways. We aim to mechanise as much of the work as possible ensuring we can give you a professional service at the best value for money.

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Additional Services

Tree Removal

Expert felling & sectional dismantling of trees in tight spaces.
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Reasons to choose Green Co Professional Tree Surgeons

When you use Green Co Professional Tree Surgeons you can be assured of a first-class service from start to finish. Our teams excel in all areas of tree care, from large tree removals and hedge trimming to large-scale commercial site clearances. Our commitment to customer service ensures us satisfied clients and a constant flow of referrals.

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