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Why choose Green Co Professional Surgeons for your Hedges?

Green Co Tree Surgeons are your first choice if you are looking for a professional hedge trimming service in Wolverhampton. A large portion of our hedge maintenance is as a direct result of our outstanding expertise in this area and the resulting customer referrals.

Hedge Trimming

For annual, bi-annual, or just one off trims contact us today. We will be happy to arrange a site visit and free quotation where we can discuss your requirements, and advise on a suitable course of works for your particular hedging variety. For most hedges we recommend at least 1 trim each year to be able to achieve a nice compact finish.

Hedge Reductions

For overgrown hedges, we are able to reduce the tops to your required height. In some varieties, the sides may also be cut back hard to reduce the width of the hedge, which can quickly overtake smaller gardens if not kept on top of. We will be happy to give you free advice on the best course of action during a site visit.

Hedge Removal & Re-Planting

Often hedges become so out of hand the only option left is to fell and replant with a suitable replacement. Green Co Tree Surgeons are able to handle every step of the project, from the felling of the original hedge, removal of the old stumps, to the selection and supply of new plants, along with the replanting.

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Additional Services

Tree Removal

Expert felling & sectional dismantling of trees in tight spaces.
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Reasons to choose Green Co Professional Tree Surgeons

When you use Green Co Professional Tree Surgeons you can be assured of a first-class service from start to finish. Our teams excel in all areas of tree care, from large tree removals and hedge trimming to large-scale commercial site clearances. Our commitment to customer service ensures us satisfied clients and a constant flow of referrals.

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